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Grison IP Services is please to offer a convenient and easy-to-use method for ordering any IP documents or research services.

A minimum payment of $500.00 CDN (or more) opens your Grison I.P. services deposit account. You will receive a written notification that your deposit account is opened and an account number will be assigned to you. Customer automatically receives a monthly statement of all activity on each Grison I.P. services deposit account. An invoice is also sent each time an order is placed advising you of a debit to your deposit account.

Please provide the personal name of the individual at your organization to whom all deposit account correspondence should be addressed. If applicable, please include a separate “ship to” address.

Contact name : ___________________________________________________________________

Title : ___________________________________________________________________

Company Name : __________________________________________________________________

Bill to : ___________________________________________________________________


Ship to : __________________________________________________________________


Tel : ______________________________                 

E-mail : ___________________________________________________________________

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